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Adafruit RGB Matrix Featherwing Kit - For M0 and M4 Feathers  /ADA3036

Ahoy! It's time to create a dazzling light up project with the new RGB Matrix FeatherWing. Now you can quickly and easily create projects featuring your favorite 16 or 32-pixel tall matrix boards. Using the RGB Matrix library is easy and works wonderfully with any of the M0 or M4 based Feathers.

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GFX HAT - 128x64 LCD Display with RGB Backlight and Touch Buttons  /PIM400

A 128x64 pixel, 2.15" LCD display with snazzy six-zone RGB backlight and six capacitive touch buttons. GFX HAT makes an ideal display and interface for your headless Pi projects.

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1.12" Mono OLED (128x128, white/black) Breakout  /PIM374

A crisp, bright 1.12" OLED that's ideal for adding a small display to your project. Raspberry Pi and Arduino-compatible, this 128x128 pixel, monochrome white/black display is ideal for graphing, readouts, and displaying basic icons.

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Espruino Pixl.js  /ESP005

A smart LCD with Bluetooth LE. Monitor and control other Bluetooth LE devices, act as a wireless display, create your own smart conference badge, or even just display the status of your code - all while drawing tiny amounts of power.

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Inky pHAT (ePaper/eInk/EPD)

A low-energy, high-falutin, electronic paper (ePaper / eInk / EPD) display for your Pi, in three different colour schemes: red/black/white, yellow/black/white, and black/white!

Red/Black/White  /PIM299

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Yellow/Black/White  /PIM367

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Black/White  /PIM368

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Circuit Classics: Bargraph Voltage Indicator  /CCL002

This circuit lets you become a scientist and an engineer and marks the passage of that important milestone of using tools you have constructed yourself. With your own voltmeter you can measure batteries or use it to explore and understand other electronic circuits that you find in the world.

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TIMESQUARE DIY Watch Kit - Red Display Matrix  /ADA1106

Show up stylish AND on time to any event with this awesome looking DIY watch. Its got an 8x8 bit matrix display and a repurposed silicone watch band for a professional look.

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Adafruit RGB Matrix Shield for Arduino  /ADA2601

RGB matricies are dazzling, with their hundreds or even thousands of individual RGB LEDs. Compared to NeoPixels, they've got great density, power usage and the price-per-LED can't be beat. But...(isn't there always a but?) You need to use a special library to control them and they require a bunch of wires to be plugged in. Tougher than a single-wire connection for sure.

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