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The leaders in Maker electronics, Adafruit, have been manufacturing in the heart of New York City since 2005. Founded by Limor "Ladyada" Fried from her dorm room they have grown to over fifty employees. They offer a huge amount of learning material and tutorials for beginners and experts alike.


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DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor + extras   ADA374

These 1-wire digital temperature sensors are fairly precise (±0.5°C over much of the range) and can give up to 12 bits of precision from the onboard digital-to-analog converter. They work great with any microcontroller using a single digital pin, and you can even connect multiple ones to the same pin, each one has a unique 64-bit ID burned in at the factory to differentiate them. Usable with 3.0-5.0V systems.

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Adafruit Contact-less Infrared Thermopile Sensor Breakout - TMP007   ADA2023

Unlike most of the other temperature sensors we have, this breakout has a really cool IR sensor from TI that can measure the temperature of an object without touching it!The TMP007 is the latest thermopile sensor from TI, and is an update of the TMP006. The internal math engine does all the temperature calculations so its easier to integrate - you can read the die and target temperatures directly over I2C. The TMP007 also has better transient management, so you don't get as much over/undershoot when the temperature changes a lot.

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TMP36 - Analoger Temperatur-Sensor - TMP36   ADA165

Wide range, low power temperature sensor outputs an analog voltage that is proportional to the ambient temperature.

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Adafruit BMP183 SPI Barometric Pressure & Altitude Sensor   ADA1900

Fans of the BMP085/BMP180 will want to take a look at the new BMP183 - an SPI spin on the old familiar classic. This precision sensor from Bosch is the best low-cost sensing solution for measuring barometric pressure and temperature.

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Adafruit 10-DOF IMU Breakout - L3GD20H + LSM303 + BMP180   ADA1604

This inertial-measurement-unit combines 3 of the best quality sensors available on the market to give you 11 axes of data: 3 axes of accelerometer data, 3 axes gyroscopic, 3 axes magnetic (compass), barometric pressure/altitude and temperature.

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Fingerprint sensor   ADA751

Secure your project with biometrics - this all-in-one optical fingerprint sensor will make adding fingerprint detection and verification super simple.

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Photo Transistor Light Sensor   ADA2831

This Photo Transistor Light Sensor is a simple sensor that detects ambient light.

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Adafruit Sensiron SHT31-D Temperature & Humidity Sensor Breakout   ADA2857

Sensiron Temperature/Humidity sensors are some of the finest & highest-accuracy devices you can get. And, finally we have some that have a true I2C interface for easy reading.

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