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Pololu Step-Down Spannungsregler D24V6AHV   Pololu 2104

The compact (0.4″ × 0.6″) D24V6AHV switching step-down (or buck) voltage regulator takes an input voltage between 4.5 V and 42 V and efficiently reduces it to a lower, user-adjustable voltage.

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Circuit Playground Express - Developer Edition   ADA3333

Circuit Playground Express is the next step towards a perfect introduction to electronics and programming. Adafruit have taken the original Circuit Playground Classic and made it even better!

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SparkFun weather:bit   DEV-14214

The SparkFun weather:bit is a fully loaded “carrier” board for the micro:bit that, when combined with the micro:bit, provides you with a fully functional weather station.

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RasPiO Analog Zero   RASPIO-004

The RasPiO Analog Zero offers a compact, inexpensive, easy way to add eight analog channels to your Raspberry Pi.

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Pololu 5V Step-Up Spannungsregler U1V11F5   Pololu 2562

This compact (0.45″×0.6″) U1V11F5 switching step-up (or boost) voltage regulator efficiently generates 5 V from input voltages as low as 0.5 V.

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Steckernetzteil 9V DC / 1,33A - 12W   HNP-12

Hocheffizientes 12 Watt Steckernetzteil mit Universaleingang 90-264 VAC.

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Steckernetzteil 5V DC / 1,5A - 7,5W   HNP-06L6

Diese 5V DC / 1,5A - 7,5W Steckernetzteil mit DC-Ausgang (Hohlstecker) ist hocheffizient mit geringem StandBy-Verbrauch.

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Offizielles Raspberry Pi Gehäuse   RPI-003

Das offizielle Raspberry Pi Gehäuse der Raspberry Pi Foundation ist die ideale Wahl für den Raspberry Pi 3.

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Adafruit PiUART - USB Console and Power Add-on for Raspberry Pi   ADA3589

Here's another super handy add-on for your Raspberry Pi computer, perfect for 'head-less' setups! The PiUART adds a MicroUSB to serial connection so you can use any serial port software to connect to the Pi's console.

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