Breakout Garden

Die Breakout Garden Serie ermöglicht es eine Vielzahl von Breakouts und  Sensoren ohne Löten schnell und einfach anzuschliessen und direkt mit dem Raspberry Pi zu nutzen. Einfach nur den jeweiligen Breakout in den Breakout Garden HAT einstecken und mit anderen Breakouts beliebig kombinieren!

Breakout Garden HAT  /PIM377

Grow your projects on Breakout Garden. It's the easiest way to use breakouts with your Raspberry Pi. There's no soldering required, just pop up to six Pimoroni breakouts into the slots on Breakout Garden and get started coding and creating.

13,50€ inkl. 19% MwSt zuzügl Versandkosten
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BH1745 Luminance and Colour Sensor Breakout  /PIM375

A really sophisticated and accurate colour and luminance sensor breakout that's Raspberry Pi and Arduino compatible. As well as detecting RGB colour and light level, it has added bells and whistles like 50/60Hz light noise rejection, a wide detection range, and two illumination LEDs.

10,00€ inkl. 19% MwSt zuzügl Versandkosten
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VL53L1X Time of Flight (ToF) Sensor Breakout  /PIM373

An all-singing, all-dancing time of flight distance sensor that uses PEW PEW LASERS (low-powered ones), our VL53L1X breakout is easy to use with Raspberry Pi or Arduino alike!

15,50€ inkl. 19% MwSt zuzügl Versandkosten
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1.12" Mono OLED (128x128, white/black) Breakout  /PIM374

A crisp, bright 1.12" OLED that's ideal for adding a small display to your project. Raspberry Pi and Arduino-compatible, this 128x128 pixel, monochrome white/black display is ideal for graphing, readouts, and displaying basic icons.

17,00€ inkl. 19% MwSt zuzügl Versandkosten
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LSM303D 6DoF Motion Sensor Breakout  /PIM376

This 6 Degrees of Freedom Motion Sensor Breakout can detect acceleration in three axes - X, Y, and Z - as well as three axes of magnetic heading. It's ideal for building into robots, rockets, and rovers, or anywhere else where you want to measure motion accurately. It's compatible with Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

10,00€ inkl. 19% MwSt zuzügl Versandkosten
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