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Kits sind die ideale Geschenke, Ferienprojekte oder einfach der Anfang von etwas neuem und interessanten. Tauche ein in die Welt der Mirkocontroller mit einem SparkFun Starter Kit, stelle deine eigene Elektronik-Knete her, lerne wie man lötet und vieles Mehr.


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ProtoSnap - LilyPad Development Simple   DEV-11201

The ProtoSnap series is a new way to prototype your project without a breadboard. Everything is wired together on a single board, which makes it easy to explore the possibilities of the components before snapping them apart and building them into your project.


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SparkFun Frequency Counter Kit   KIT-10140

This kit is a re-hash of Nuxie’s FunCount frequency counting kit. It includes everything you need to build a frequency counter capable of measuring frequencies from 1Hz to over 6MHz. The measured frequency is displayed on a 16x2 black on green LCD.


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Sidekick: Popular Component Kit   SEEED 110060025

The Sidekick Basic Kit is the perfect companion for your micro-controller and Raspberry Pi projects!


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DFRobot Creator - 4Claying Interactive Kit   DFR 0057

The 4Claying electronic DIY kit is a fun-to-play kit that combines the fun of scuplting with ultralight clay and building interactive circuits around it.


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DIY Electro Dough Kit   TWSU 0108

Create sculptures and scenes using dough, then bring them to life with light and sound!


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Adafruit Gemma Starter Pack   ADA1657

Get started with Adafruit GEMMA with this lovely starter kit!