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HATs & pHATs in Kits

Kits sind ideale Geschenke, kleine Projekte oder der Anfang eines neuen Hobbies. Ob Raspberry Pi Zero W Kits, micro:bit Kits, Roboter Bausätze, Komponenten Kits oder Starter Kit for Android Things, hier ist für jedes Alter und Wissen etwas dabei.

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OctoCam - Pi Zero W Project Kit: A cute squid (surveillance) camera with WiFi and Bluetooth, holds on smooth surfaces thanks to suction cups or stands upright... Weiterlesen

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18 reviews

Scroll Bot - Pi Zero W Project Kit: A robot friend to sit on your desk and scroll the news, weather, or your Twitter feed - Scroll Bot!... Weiterlesen

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48 reviews

Pirate Radio - Pi Zero W Project Kit: Build your very own internet-connected radio with the Pirate Radio Kit! Weiterlesen

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6 reviews

Mood Light - Pi Zero W Project Kit: A beautifully modern Mood Light that'll look great on your bedside table, bookcase, or desk, and it's internet-connected! Weiterlesen

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9 reviews

Rainbow HAT: Rainbow HAT has a buffet of sensors, inputs and displays to explore Android ThingsTM. Use it as a weather station,... Weiterlesen