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Maker Essentials

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Maker Essentials - Mini Breadboards & Jumper Jerky: Hook up simple circuits and components. The breadboards can hold LEDs and chips, and the Jumper Jerky will connect them... Weiterlesen

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4 reviews

Maker Essentials - Various Headers: If you're going to be adding and removing wires to a project, these 2.54 pitch headers are an ideal way... Weiterlesen

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5 reviews

Maker Essentials - LEDs & Resistors: Add some light to your project with this selection of over 50 colourful LEDs. They come with current-limiting resistors to protect the... Weiterlesen

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6 reviews

Maker Essentials - Switches & Potentiometers: Essential for control of your project, this range of variable resistors and switches are ideal for taking control. Weiterlesen

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Maker Essentials - Micro-motors & Grippy Wheels: These little motors are an ideal plug-and-go solution for your next robot explorer. They even come with adaptors for LEGO®... Weiterlesen