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Wir haben alles was das Lötherz begehrt angesammelt. Hier findest du Sensoren, Displays, Lautsprecher, Netzteile, drahtlose Dinge, Prototyping Allerlei und Mehr.


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1.2" 8x8 square LED matrix   COM0500

A beautiful 8x8 square LED matrix, perfect for scrolling signs or adding a small display to your project!


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10-bit ADC (SPI)

Our go to choice for a through hole ADC. Easy to hook up to the Raspberry Pi, communicates via SPI - add up to eight 10-bit analog channels to your projects!

  • 8 Channel  COM0206


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  • 4 Channel  COM0205


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2.1mm Plug/Jack to Screw Terminal Block

 If you need to connect a battery pack or wired power supply to a board that has a DC jack - this adapter will come in very handy!

  • Male  ADA369


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  • Female  ADA368


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4xAA Press-Stud Battery Holder   4AABatteryHolder

Power your projects when you're on the road! Holds 4 x AA batteries providing a ~5-6V supply. When fully loaded you should get between 7,000mAh - 10,000mAh of juice - that's enough to run an Arudiuno Uno for over a week!


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9V Battery Snap   COM1302

A nifty little 9V battery clip. Great for providing portable power to your circuits!


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Adafruit GEMMA v2 - Miniature wearable electronic platform   ADA1222

Love FLORA but want a bite-sized version? Look no further, GEMMA is a tiny wearable platform board with a lot of might in a 1" diameter package. Powered by a Attiny85 and programmable with an Arduino IDE over USB, you'll be able to realize any wearable project!