Der neue Raspberry Pi 3 A+

Prototyping / Sound

Wir haben alles was das Lötherz begehrt angesammelt. Hier findest du Sensoren, Displays, Lautsprecher, Netzteile, drahtlose Dinge, Prototyping Allerlei und Mehr.

3" Speaker 4Ω (5W)  /COM1600

Whoop whoop! This is a lovely little speaker ideal for embedding into all sorts of projects.

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5W 4 Ohm 65mm Full Range Speaker  /KIT 3315

This is a high quality 6.5 cm (2.5") full-range 4 ohm speaker with minimal mounting depth and small magnet.

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Mini Speaker 4Ω (3W)  /COM1601

These little speakers are diminutive, but the sound they pump out is surprisingly good. They're ideal for building your own small jukebox or radio with one of our audio boards!

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