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Maker Essentials - LEDs & Resistors

Add some light to your project with this selection of over 50 colourful LEDs. They come with current-limiting resistors to protect the element, and allow you to control the brightness. Weiterlesen…

  • PIM244
5 übrig

Maker Essentials - Various Headers

If you're going to be adding and removing wires to a project, these 2.54 pitch headers are an ideal way to make it easy and reliable. This box has a useful selection. Weiterlesen…

  • PIM247
2 übrig

Mini Speaker 4Ω (3W)

These little speakers are diminutive, but the sound they pump out is surprisingly good. They're ideal for building your own small jukebox or radio with one of our audio boards! Weiterlesen…

  • COM1601
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