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Force-Sensing Resistor: 0.6″-Diameter Circle   POLOLU 1696

This force-sensing resistor (FSR) from Interlink Electronics is a passive component that exhibits a decrease in resistance when there is an increase in the force applied to the 0.58″-diameter (1.5 cm) active area, allowing you to create a sensor that is able to detect force or pressure. With a force sensitivity range of a few grams to a few kilograms, this sensor is optimized for use in human touch control applications

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Micro Metal Gearmotor Bracket (Pair)   COM0803

These simple little brackets are the best way to securely mount our micro metal gearmotors to your project, whether it be a robot, a fan, or a pulley system.

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Moon Buggy Räder - Paar   COM1400

Dieses leuchtende und griffige Paar Räder ist wie gemacht für unsere Getriebemotoren. 

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