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Digital Potentiometer - 10K   COM-10613

Potentiometers are incredibly useful, whether you’re controlling the volume on your stereo or the ‘mood lighting’ in your room. The problem with traditional potentiometers is the fact that your microcontroller doesn’t have an easy way to interface with them. Digital Potentiometers solve that problem by allowing you to control a voltage splitter with digital signals.

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H-Bridge Motor Driver 1A   COM-00315

Faster, cheaper, smaller, better, right? The SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge is just that.

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DC Barrel Power Jack/Connector   PRT-00119

DC power jack/connector. This is a common barrel-type power jack for DC wall supplies. These are compatible with our DC wall supplies and have a 5.5mm jack, with a 2.1mm center pole diameter.Datasheets:

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Drehknopf (Plastik / klar)   COM-10597

This plastic knob accepts a 6mm shaft and has a 15mm outer diameter. They simple press-fit onto a shaft. These are clear so that they can be used with our illuminated rotary encoders.

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Drehimpulsgeber - beleuchtet (rot/grün)   COM-10596

Drehimpulsgeber (oder englisch: Encoder) werden ähnlich wie Potentiometer eingesetzt.

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RJ45 Ethernet MagJack-Compatible   PRT-08534

Ethernet is now ubiquitous with embedded systems.

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JST Jumper 5 Wire Assembly   PRT-09917

This is a simple five wire cable. Great for jumping from board to board or just about anything else. There is a 5-pin JST connector on one end, bare cable on the opposite end. It also comes with the mating connector for the JST.

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Piezo Vibrationssensor - Groß mit Gewicht   SEN-09197

This basic piezo sensor from Measurement Specialties is often used for flex, touch, vibration and shock measurements. A small AC and large voltage (up to +/-90V) is created when the film moves back and forth. A simple resistor should get the voltage down to ADC levels. Can also be used for impact sensing or a flexible switch.

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Keypad - 12 Button   COM-08653

A basic 12 button keypad for user input. The buttons are setup in a matrix format. This allows a microcontroller to ‘scan’ the 7 output pins to see which of the 12 buttons is being pressed.

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Hydrogen Gas Sensor - MQ-8   SEN-10916

This is a simple-to-use hydrogen gas sensor, suitable for sensing hydrogen concentrations in the air. The MQ-8 can detect hydrogen gas concentrations anywhere from 100-10000ppm.

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