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Pimoroni Tech-Schätze für Maker
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Zippyy Ball handle Joystick: This joystick is the ideal controller for your mini arcade project! Weiterlesen

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SparkFun Third Hand Parts Kit: This parts kit allows you to modify a coolant hose into an additional hand for your Third Hand. Weiterlesen

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Flotilla - Mini Starter Kit: A great way to dip your toes into Flotilla. Includes two Flotilla modules for you to experiment with! Weiterlesen

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Flotilla - Medium Starter Kit: Get a lovely little Digi-Hedgehog paper-craft pet kit to make. Includes four Flotilla modules for you to experiment with! Weiterlesen

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Flotilla - Mega Treasure Chest Starter Kit: This is the big one, the bees knees, the bling king (or queen), the ultimate Flotilla kit. Weiterlesen

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1.2" 8x8 square LED matrix: A beautiful 8x8 square LED matrix, perfect for scrolling signs or adding a small display to your project! Weiterlesen