Kein Arbeitsplatz ist komplett ohne das richtige Werkzeug. Wir haben die besten Tools für Maker ausgesucht; von Heavy Duty Scheren über Messequipment bis zur Lötausrüstung und Werkzeugsets.

Antex Bench Stand

It's absolutely essential to have a decent stand if you do a fair amount of soldering. You need somewhere safe and solid to park that iron while it's hot! Weiterlesen…

  • ANT-ST6A
8 übrig

Antex XS Replacement Bits

Replacement bit set for Antex XS25 soldering irons. Make light work of any soldering task with these great alternative bits! Weiterlesen…

2 übrig

Antex XS25 Lötkolben

Everyone needs a good workhorse soldering iron and this is the one that Jon has been using since he was twelve! Weiterlesen…

  • ANT-XS25-EU
10 auf Lager

Bare Conductive Paint Pen (10ml)

Paint circuits and sensors, or use Electric Paint as a conductive adhesive on almost anything including paper, plastic, textiles and conventional electronics. Weiterlesen…

  • BC001
5 übrig

Desoldering Wick

Made a slight error on your project? Need to fix a join that went a bit wrong? This desoldering wick is what you'll need then! Weiterlesen…

  • SD01935
6 übrig

Digital Multimeter - Basic

The digital multimeter (DMM) is an essential tool in every electronic enthusiasts arsenal. The SparkFun Digital Multimeter, however, is not your average multimeter, it features a loud continuity sound, current/voltage sense, and quality probes. Weiterlesen…

  • TOL-12966
3 übrig