Werkzeug / Prototyping

Kein Arbeitsplatz ist komplett ohne das richtige Werkzeug. Wir haben die besten Tools für Maker ausgesucht; von Heavy Duty Scheren über Messequipment bis zur Lötausrüstung und Werkzeugsets.

Bleifreier Lötdraht  /SD01373

2 Meter bleifreier Lötdraht, ideal für alle Anforderungen und Projekte im Modellbau und Hobbybereich.

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Fairlötet solder - 100g

Every piece of consumer electronics uses tin solder to some degree. While tin is easy to recycle the majority used in electronics still come from mines which are often located in developing countries where tin is won under hazardous conditions for people and environment alike. Fairlötet are aiming to change all that

0.5mm  /STAN 599102

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1mm  /STAN 599105

10,00€ inkl. 19% MwSt zuzügl Versandkosten
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Mag Helper  /HC-MGH

Have you ever needed a hand in tight spaces? How about two hands? With the Mag Hand, you can have just that! 

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OctoSnap - breakaway header snapper  /PPPINWHEEL

Are you tired of snapping your breakaway headers down to the size you need? Do you snap one too many or one too few pins? Then this is for you!

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