1up:bit controller kit for BBC micro:bit

The 1up:bit is a low cost gamepad/controller kit for the micro:bit. It gives you access to an analogue thumb stick much like the ones in a PSP, and two extra buttons taking the count up to 4 including the A and B buttons on the micro:bit.

Proto-PIC ensured you can still use this with their bat:bit cases to power your micro:bit on the move, the 1up:bit also includes an EDGE connector along the bottom edge so you can hook up other accessories such as the micro:pixel EDGE or the amp:bit.

This is a DIY kit, so soldering is required. It doesn't take too much skill, just time. See the video below for more assembly instructions.

Kit contains:

  • 1x 1up:bit PCB
  • 1x thumb slide stick
  • 2x 12mm tactile switches
  • 2x 4.7K Ohm resistors
  • 1x 80 pin right angle edge connector

Example Code: https://github.com/proto-pic/1upexample/