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Adafruit FLORA Lux Sensor - TSL2561 Light Sensor - v1.0

Add light-reactive sensing to your wearable Flora project with this high precision Lux sensor. 

  • Can be configured for different gain/timing ranges to detect light ranges from up to 0.1 - 40,000+ Lux on the fly.
  • Contains both infrarad and full spectrum diodes so you can measure infra-red, full spectrum, or human visible light!
  • Digital (I2C) interface
  • Low current draw - around 0.5mA when actively sensing, and less than 15uA when in powerdown mode
  • Temperature range: -30 to 80 *C
  • Voltage range: 2.7-3.6V

Attaching it to the flora is simple: line up the sensor so its adjacent to the SDA/SCL pins and sew conductive thread from the 3V, SDA, SCL and GND pins. They line up perfectly so you will not have any crossed lines. You can only connect one lux sensor to your Flora, but you can connect other I2C sensors/outputs by using the set of SCL/SDA pins on the opposite side.

Adafruit have also provided a Flora Lux Sensor tutorial as well as a TSL2561 tutorial and an Arduino library which will work out of the box with Flora!