Binary's UFO™ - a super sensing saucer!

These amazing new robot maker kits provide the perfect project to get started coding with the micro:bit.

In his space lab on planet Hex, alien inventor Binary has been busy creating programmable objects that will help young inventors learn coding and about the Internet of Things and STEM.

Inside the box, you'll find everything you need to build Binary's space-craft and then make your UFO do loads of cool stuff with computer code.

What's in the box:

  • Flat-pack cardboard UFO
  • Project sticker sheets
  • RGB LED strip
  • Cardboard standup Binary
  • Temperature, motion, and light sensors
  • Speaker
  • Instruction booklet
  • micro:bit not included

Click here for fun activities for your new BinaryBots kit

Warning: only for use by children aged 8 years and older. Instructions for parents are included and must be observed.