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Mixed Pin Headers Pack /COM1110

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Always hunting for the perfect pin header? This pack is the perfect collection to have on hand with almost every size you'll ever need.

Perfect for prototyping on breadboard, this pack includes fifty mixed pin headers including male, female, straight, and right-angle!

Package list

  •  2 x Male 2.54mm 2x20 header
  • 10 x Male 2.54mm 1x20 header
  • 4 x  Male 2.54mm 2x3 header
  • 2 x Male 2.54mm 1x20 right-angle header
  • 2 x Male 2.54mm 2x20 right-angle header
  • 2 x Female 2.54mm 2x20 header
  • 4 x Female 2.54mm 2x3 header
  • 6 x Female 2.54mm 1x10 header
  • 6 x Female 2.54mm 1x8 header
  • 6 x Female 2.54mm 1x6 header
  • 6 x 2.54mm jumper with handle