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Electro-Fashion Sewable ZIP LED, pack of 10 /KIT 2762

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Add an individually addressable full colour LED to your E-Textiles projects with the Kitronik Sewable ZIP LED. This new addition to the Electro Fashion range incorporates a full colour addressable ZIP LED, which can be controlled by a suitable processor such as the microbit.

The four connection pads have been designed so that they can either be sewn with conductive thread or used with crocodile clips.

The boards four connection pads are; +V, GND, Data in, and Data out. If using a single Sewable ZIP LED the Data in pad should be connected to the processor drive signal pin. When connecting several together in a chain the Data out of one Sewable ZIP LED should be connected to the Data in of the next board.

Note: If using with a BBC micro:bit:

  • We recommend that no more than four Sewable ZIP LEDs should be powered directly by the microbit. If more are required, a separate power supply should be used.
  • If you use a separate power supply of more than 3.3V then a level shift for the data signal will be needed.


  • A full colour addressable sewable ZIP LED.
  • It can be used with conductive thread or crocodile clips.
  • The can be controlled by a suitable processor such as micro:bit, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.
  • It features four connection pads; +V, GND, Data in, and Data out.
  • The Kitronik ZIP LEDs are compatible with with any WS2812B driver code and can be coded with the Microsoft MakeCode Editor and MicroPython.


  • 1 x Full Colour Addressable And Sewable ZIP LED Electro Fashion Board 10 Pack.


Dimensions for a single board.

  • Length: 13mm.
  • Width: 14.8mm.
  • Max Height: 2.8mm.
  • PCB Thickness: 0.9mm.



Electrical characteristics:

  • Operating Voltage (Vcc): 3.0V 5.3V.
  • Connections: +V (Supply Voltage), DIN (Data In), DOUT (Data Out), GND.
  • Max Current (ZIP LED running full RGB brightness): 30.8mA (1 ZIP LED White, 100% brightness).