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:GAME ZIP 64 for the micro:bit

The Kitronik :GAME ZIP 64 is the ultimate retro gaming accessory for the micro:bit.

It has been designed to be an all-in-one hand-held gaming platform, that also includes a built in, 64 (8x8) individually addressable full colour ZIP LED, and screen.

It features on-board sound, 4 x directional buttons, 2 fire buttons, haptic feedback, and breakout points so shoulder buttons or I2C devices can be added. All of these features are fully programmable. Also includes breakout points to allow for the use of larger LED screens.

All of the micro:bit's features are still available when plugged in to the :GAME ZIP 64, so your games can still make use of the LED matrix, accelerometer etc.

Power is provided via the built-in 3 x AA battery cages that have been ergonomically placed to act as hand grips, making the :GAME ZIP 64 comfortable to hold and play.

Kitronik have produced some example games in both MakeCode Blocks and MicroPython that can be freely downloaded from the resources section below, so you can begin playing games straight away. If you prefer to code your own games, it also offers the perfect platform for developing and testing micro:bit games.

Note: micro:bit is NOT included.


  • All in one hand-held gaming solution for the micro:bit.
  • 64 individually addressable ZIP LED display screen.
  • Fully programmable on-board sound, directional buttons, fire buttons, and haptic feedback.
  • Breakout pads for adding shoulder buttons or I2C devices.
  • Breakout pads for driving larger LED screens.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable game-play.
  • It can also be coded to be a controller for your buggy or robotics projects.


  • 1 x :GAME ZIP 64 for the micro:bit.