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Heelight Core /LNG002

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Heelight Core is a smart sound sensor that can recognize up to 500+ digital voice commands.

Heelight Core is tiny, only 20mm*17mm. By using the design of the stamp hole, you can easily integrate Heelight core into your product. We also provide the component library in Eagle format. And there is a 4-pin header, which can be inserted into a bread board directly to build a prototype.

So what are the advantages of digital sound control?

  • The operation is simple, as long as a device can make a sound, you don't need to connect WiFi, or connect Bluetooth
  • There is no compatibility issues. Compare to Bluetooth, WiFi, zigbee, sound is more common


  • UART output (default 9600)
  • Android/iOS APP
  • 500+ sounds available
  • 3.3V working voltage
  • Small Size
  • Works with bread board
  • Easy to be integrated to PCB




Please feel free to contact joney.sui@longan-labs.cc if you need tech support.