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Mini Black HAT Hack3r

  • Fully Assembled  PIM169

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  • Solder Yourself Kit  PIM170

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Need to detach or debug your HAT? Then the Mini Black HAT Hack3r is for you!

A nifty little tool that lets you access all of the GPIO pins while also running a HAT. Ideal for debugging your HAT projects or combining a HAT with other circuits.

  • HAT & pHAT landing areas with PCB standoffs
  • Includes 40 pin GPIO ribbon cable
  • All GPIO pins labelled with function, BCM pin number, physical pin number
  • Rubber non-slip feet
  • 4 mounting holes
  • Comes assembled or in kit form

We made this for ourselves when debugging new HAT designs but found it so gosh-darn useful that we thought you might like it too!

Kits include:

  • Black HAT Hack3r PCB
  • 40-way black GPIO ribbon cable
  • 3 x 40-way pin header (pre-installed on the assembled version)
  • 4 x PCB standoff for HAT mounting
  • 4 x Rubber non-slip feet

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