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MoPi-2 is mobile and 24/7 power for the Pi 2 and Pi 3 boards. On your bike, up a tree, or for your home server: we've got you covered!

MoPi-2 features:

  • Two power inputs via standard screw terminals — for standard batteries, car power sockets, old laptop, supplies, solar panels, wall adapters and more
  • Hot-swap power replacement without stopping work
  • Shudown the Pi cleanly when batteries discharge
  • Right-angled power switch accessible even another PCB is stacked on top
  • Usable as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) by attaching both batteries and mains
  • Wide input voltage range: 6.5V to 24V 1
  • Ability to deliver up to 2.5A @ +5V to the Pi and attached additional PCBs or devices
  • Low power consumption: 15mA when is working, 0.5mA when is sleeping and only 15 µA when is off ! (more than 10 times less than the average battery self discharge rate)
  • Auto-off when input voltage reaches 6.0V, protecting the batteries from over-discharging.
  • Additional 2-pin terminal for an external battery charger (this is just a gate, all charging functionality depends on the charger itself)
  • On-board LED indicators and on screen Linux system notifications
  • Configuration of multiple battery chemistries and number of cells from a UI on the Pi
  • Full API in Python, plus a shell-friendly command-line interface
  • Very low-profile (3.5 mm), bottom entry, 40-pin GPIO connector allowing stacking of other boards on top of the MoPi-2
  • PCB pads for external power switch and +5V
  • Control of external 5V relay
  • Two-way communication via the I2C bus
  • Remote power-off: tell MoPi-2 to power down the Pi when logged-in remotely (after a clean shutdown, of course)
  • Timer-based wake-up: tell MoPi-2 what time you want your Pi to wakeup, then power it down and MoPi-2 will boot the Pi as requested
  • Supports Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 3 B+ models.

Many more details, including a setup guide, can be found here


  • DO NOT plug MoPi-2 onto your Pi while the Pi is powered up!
  • DO NOT touch electronic components when they're powered up — you may damage them, or burn your fingers!
  • AVOID handling circuit boards when charged with static!
  • ALWAYS read the small print on all components supplied with your MoPi-2
  • ALWAYS treat batteries and other power supplies with respect — if abused the energy they contain may surprise you in dangerous ways!
  • DO NOT feed MoPi-2 to your dog, eat nuts if you're allergic to them, or lose your sense of humour


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MoPi 2: Hot-Swap Mobile Power for the Pi

MoPi-2 is mobile and 24/7 power for the Pi 2 and Pi 3 boards. On your bike, up a tree, or for your home server: we've got you covered! Read more...

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