Picade 10-inch Display Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Picade to a larger 10-inch* display with this kit. That's 47% more viewing area compared to the stock 8-inch display! The kit contains the 10-inch display, acrylic assembly, display driver board, keypad, and ribbon cables.

*it's actually 9.7", but we're calling it 10" because it's less of a mouthful

If you have an older Picade (pre-2018, including Kickstarter models), then you should get the 10" screen kit rather than this Upgrade Kit, as it doesn't include the acrylic pieces or card surround, which you won't need.

Kit includes

  • 10-inch, 1024x768 (4:3 ratio), wide viewing angle display
  • Pimoroni-designed and manufactured HDMI display driver board
  • Keypad and ribbon cable
  • Short ribbon cable
  • Acrylic screen mount assembly pieces
  • Black card display surround
  • Low-profile M2.5 metal screws (for mounting driver board)


  • Note that the display driver board included with this 10-inch display kit is specific for this display, and is not interchangeable with our 8-inch display driver board