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Camera Module for Raspberry Pi Zero

  • Standard  CAM003

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  • Without infra-red filter  CAM004

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This minimal Camera for the Pi Zero is perfect for small camera projects where space is at a premium.

The sensor is 5MP, and the whole shebang is mounted on a flexible circuit board. As such, a little care is needed when handling, just like the connector on the Pi Zero. Easy there Lennie.

Otherwise it's an economical and svelte solution for birdcams, bodycams, home security and simple computer vision projects.

Update: now also available without an IR filter, which is useful for night vision, especially when using IR lights to illuminate the subject

Only for Raspberry Pi Zero with CSI camera port.

Approx dimensions of circuit and camera: 60mm x 11.4mm x 5.1mm

Please note: Raspberry Pi Zero not included

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