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SATA Hard Drive to USB Adapter /ADP001

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Need more gigabytes on your Pi? Connect a SATA hard disk or SSD to your Raspberry Pi with this compact and high-performance USB to SATA adapter.

Great for storing media, games, data, or backing up your projects!

You only need to plug it into one USB port to use this with your Pi. Make sure you connect it via the thicker cable (with blue trim in the plug). However we're picked out the split-cable version so you can use it with other things too like laptops or computers with less powerful USB ports!

  • Works with all 2.5" SATA hard drives (laptop drives)
  • Small and super robust
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0 compatible
  • Secondary power cable for devices which can't supply > 500mA on a single port
  • Compatible with Raspberry 2/B+/A+

As hard drives can require quite a lot of power (especially during startup) you'll need to tweak your Raspberry Pi 2 settings to enable the high-current mode on the USB ports. Simply add the line safe_mode_gpio=4 to the end of your /boot/config.txt file and reboot your Pi.

Please note: You'll also need a good quality power supply which can provide 2A to your Pi! We recommend the Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply!